‘The lost City of Z’- we all get a lost city at our heart

-”There are places that never leave us.”

‘The lost City of Z’ reminds me of Terrance Malick, poetic photography, propounding lines,  primitive forest. This is a story about a man who looks for something that probably doesn’t exist. This film truly stuck me, even if I am not sure if the version I watched have been ‘edited’ by SARFT.

From the very beginning, what drives Percy to Amazonia is because he wanted to get rid of the bad reputation of his ancestors and goes into the dominant society. But the journey was tougher than he imagined,  he even confessed that he was fool enough to leave his family to this awful place. However, after he found the evidence of civilization in this ancient forest, his life and belief changed forever. Finding that lost civilization which no one believed at that time has become ever since his meaning of life, that what he called, lost of city Z led him to back to Amazonia again, and again. Until the last time, he went back with his son and never come back after.

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Guys, being nice to you doesn’t mean I am going to bite you

Recently I notice a guy who I have been in a rapport with suddenly become distant on me. He is a nice person, we talked a lot when we met and we also trusted each other at some point. He has a girlfriend and on the other hand, I have no romantic interest in him. I appreciate him as a decent guy, so when we have contacts, I always respond as soon as I could, when he asked me for help, I tried my best to help. I also sent him birthday card and sent him sweet words once in a while.

While I am sure I didn’t overdo anything, he starts to be distant, not reply my email or be aggressive with his reply. However, he is being very active and nice to another woman who is married, as if she won’t have second thought on him.

And I notice he is not the only guy acts like that.

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Not replying message is NOT okay…(unless u are batman)

Since when we justified ourselves when we ignore a message?

For the record I am someone who always reply messages and reply as soon as I read it. Not because I am super available and holding my cell phone or checking my laptop every ten minutes. But it is something happens so naturally I don’t even have a reason not to answer.

Some people would say: Because I am busy, for gods sake.

Well, really? Busy? Funny thing is, when you go out with someone who claims themselves busy are the one who keeps checking on their phone the most. And when someone said they are busy, they just saying ”you are not even worthy ten seconds of mine to give you a reply with a smiley face. ”

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How to get over a crush and rejection

This is one of the biggest cliché topics in relationship. Yet for such a long time, we never have an definite answer for it. I have been there for a few times, wished I could find a pill to take then I can erase the memory with this person. Rather to think of something unrealistic, I realized there are some paths that I can take to go over someone who doesn’t like me back. Here are ten paths I found from the last experiences and hope it will put some insights to a girl or a guy who is going through a crush situation.

1. Confession:

Whether he or she is a new friend in town, or a cute co-worker, or one of your closest friends, even someone who already in a relationship. Just tell them. This is the only way to get them out of your system. But think it through before your confession, it doesn’t need to be fancy, just tell them how you feel. No one in this world, except a psychopath, will be annoyed by a decent and authentic confession.

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Tips for self learning German language

If you are reading this and welcoming a few ideas for your german learning, here are a few suggestions which I highly recommend.

  • Deutsch Interacktiv (A1-B1)

this is probably the best free online resource I ever found. In the german learning column of Deutsche Welle, there are many different materials for learners in different levels, the one I highly recommend is Deutsch Interacktiv, especially if you just start learning and don’t even know a word, this course is the best start for you.

link: http://www.dw.com/en/learn-german/german-courses/s-254

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