Guys, being nice to you doesn’t mean I am going to bite you

Recently I notice a guy who I have been in a rapport with suddenly become distant on me. He is a nice person, we talked a lot when we met and we also trusted each other at some point. He has a girlfriend and on the other hand, I have no romantic interest in him. I appreciate him as a decent guy, so when we have contacts, I always respond as soon as I could, when he asked me for help, I tried my best to help. I also sent him birthday card and sent him sweet words once in a while.

While I am sure I didn’t overdo anything, he starts to be distant, not reply my email or be aggressive with his reply. However, he is being very active and nice to another woman who is married, as if she won’t have second thought on him.

And I notice he is not the only guy acts like that.

Guys, we can really be friends with you. You are probably nice, cute or tall, but doesn’t mean we are going to do anything with you.

when we smile at you, doesn’t mean we are forcing a relationship with you.

when we ask you out for a lunch, doesn’t mean we are asking you to marry us.

when we send you a gift, doesn’t mean we fell in love with you.

So you don’t need to and you have no reason to run away when we are being nice and friendly towards you. We won’t bite you or bug you ever since when you return a nice gesture, we won’t mess up our life because you turn down a coffee with us.

The most important thing is, don’t take our friendliness and kindness for granted. Some day we will get sick of your passive aggressive behavior and that will be the time we run away from you.


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