Not replying message is NOT okay…(unless u are batman)

Since when we justified ourselves when we ignore a message?

For the record I am someone who always reply messages and reply as soon as I read it. Not because I am super available and holding my cell phone or checking my laptop every ten minutes. But it is something happens so naturally I don’t even have a reason not to answer.

Some people would say: Because I am busy, for gods sake.

Well, really? Busy? Funny thing is, when you go out with someone who claims themselves busy are the one who keeps checking on their phone the most. And when someone said they are busy, they just saying ”you are not even worthy ten seconds of mine to give you a reply with a smiley face. ”

Some people say: But I got nothing to say.

Then tell them, ”you got nothing to say.”  Yes, that’s it. I heard people saying, I don’t reply this message because I don’t think the sender looks for a reply, it is not a question. Well, let me tell you, if they don’t look for a reply, they won’t even bother to send this message to YOU!

Then it is the lamest excuse I ever heard: I forgot to reply.

Seriously? How many things could possibly in your head to make you forget a message, forget someone’s request, question, invitation, greeting?

What really really pisses me of is: when you gave your number, email address, whatspp account, facebook account, line account, wechat account……to someone, you DO know that he or she is going to contact you, right? We ain’t social account collectors.

I am not talking about a harassed message from a stranger, an annoying message from spam or a threatened message from a psychopath. I am talking about a decent message from someone you know, someone you gave your contact info to, someone asked you a question, sent you a greeting, send you an invitation, trying to build a rapport. And you turned it down without even giving a ten seconds reply?!

When you don’t reply their messages, trust me, no one would feel nothing about this. Most people think it is an offensive and disrespectful behaviour, and personally, I will even question about the character of this person. Some people think I made a big deal of this, but like I said, if you don’t want me to message you or if you don’t care to give me a reply, that’s totally fine, but please don’t give me your contact in the first place!

Unless you are kidnapped by aliens, your country burst out a war or your phone was stolen. We are fine with this reasons only.

We are living in an era where twisted ideology occurred when someone thinks an immediate reply seems desperate, seems too available, seems too easy. No, giving a reply means you value this person, you value the relationship with them, and you hope they value you the same. So just reply, whether how simple it is, it is always better than never.


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