‘The lost City of Z’- we all get a lost city at our heart

-”There are places that never leave us.”

‘The lost City of Z’ reminds me of Terrance Malick, poetic photography, propounding lines,  primitive forest. This is a story about a man who looks for something that probably doesn’t exist. This film truly stuck me, even if I am not sure if the version I watched have been ‘edited’ by SARFT.

From the very beginning, what drives Percy to Amazonia is because he wanted to get rid of the bad reputation of his ancestors and goes into the dominant society. But the journey was tougher than he imagined,  he even confessed that he was fool enough to leave his family to this awful place. However, after he found the evidence of civilization in this ancient forest, his life and belief changed forever. Finding that lost civilization which no one believed at that time has become ever since his meaning of life, that what he called, lost of city Z led him to back to Amazonia again, and again. Until the last time, he went back with his son and never come back after.

What most people think, including myself, is they were killed by the ceremony of the tribe. But Percy, who we saw at the end of the film, was not afraid, he lifted his finger, pointing at something, seem if he knew he found that lost city. From what I seen, it was more of a liberation than an ending to his life.

People who heard of him or knew of him are amazed by his story. Indeed, he was a person who beyond his era, he wanted to eliminate the cognition of people who thought Amazon is only a place of primitive, he wanted to show the ignorance of British by finding the existence of the lost city in Amazonia. At the end, this journey become his own pilgrimage.

But don’t we all get our ‘fawcett’ spirit at our heart? We challenge Mount Qomolangma, we wirewalking, we deep to the sea, live in wild, fly to the moon, we never stop venturing out for the truth and never stop discovering the nature and possibility.

I admire what Percy Fawcett had done, however there is something I couldn’t understand probably for the rest of my life. It haunts me more than ever what is behind this man, to motivate him to leave his family, his country to a strange and dangerous place, looking for something that is not believed by all of others, even if it leads to death.

Regardless, this is an amazing film in term of photography and acting. Charlie Hunnam has done an amazing performance as Percy Fawcett. His absorption to his belief and that fragile loneliness through his eyes have been perfectly performed by Charlie Hunnam.

There is still, however, something missing in this film. It doesn’t feel like a complete story, but that is probably James Gray’s intention, this story never truly end, because it is more like a myth than a story, that drives people into their lost city at their heart. Whether this is a place we played around when we were little or a place where we feel home and belonging, that story never end until we found our own one.


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