‘Logan’- the worst and best wolverine

I am not a wolverine fan, I am not a X-men fan, I am not even a superhero fan. But you don’t need to any of this to fall in love with this film.

We are living in a time where superhero is a must at cinema, we have so many superheroes now that we reboot them every five years and we squeeze the profit out of it like we are making an apple juice. For a time, I thought maybe the reason why superheroes pop up in a loop is because there is an emptiness at our heart that there are no figures, real people in real life to fight for our belief, our future, to overcome our fear to disasters, to crime and to set the path to freedom and peace. We fancy superheroes because they are never going to die, they always won and gave us hope.

In the film ‘Logan’, they overthrow this concept of how a superhero should look like. Actually, I appreciate they named the film ‘Logan’ instead of using the word wolverine, because this is a story about a man, rather than a superhero, that is why they made this film so extraordinary.

Since I am not a X-MEN fan, I am no idea the time, the context of this film relating to other X-MEN film. I just watch it as an independent film, where tells a guy works as a driver, saving money to buy a boat, so that his friends can keeps their lives and stay away from danger. However, the appearance of a girl, who has the same ability as Logan, changed everything. Him, the girl and professor X began their way of running. Professor X was killed in the middle of the way and Logan started to bond his relation with this  girl- Laura.

This is a man who has loads of stories on this shoulder, he is old, he walks stumblingly, he is not sharp enough, not fast enough, he looks tired, but he tried his best at the last moment to save the kids and sacrificed himself. I never see a superhero like that, the superheroes I saw in films, they never get killed, they don’t even bleed or have a scratch on their faces. But we think this is still reasonable, because they are superheroes, or gods, or genetically reformed, they shouldn’t be treated as ordinary people.

What ‘Logan’ does is, they broke the pattern. They made a so called superhero relatable, understandable, they made him has the power we don’t have, but made him as a true human being as we are. I am quite sure in the future they will reboot this series, or extend the storyline by finding another wolverine, but I do believe no one can surpass the performance of Hugh Jackman as wolverine.

Even we are watching a physically damage wolverine at cinema, that is what I called, worst. But we have more Logan here, a man who once fought for justice and belief, who once fought for friendship and freedom, now who fought for love. That is the best Logan and worthy of weeping for.


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