Where is Wally?

In the film ‘Medianeras’, Mariana has a children’s book named ‘Donde esta wally’. Wally is a boy wearing glass and red/white stripe long sleeve shirt, he is everywhere, at coffee shop, train station, beach, he is walking with his dog, carrying a bag, buying stuff… but he is hiding in the crowd, all you need to do is finding him.

Mariana is also looking for Wally. She works as a shop window designer in Buenos Aires, living at a flat that has no window, just broke up with her four-year boyfriend, because one day, when she looked at him, she realized she had been living with a stranger for four years, she removed the memory by deleted all the photos with him, and the weight of this memory is 36.8MB.

She was asked out by a guy who she didn’t like, but ran away in the last minute before meeting him; she ‘fell in love’ with a male mannequin; she obsesses with sad music but hates it; she dated with a guy again but he disappeared; she has claustrophobia; she goes to chatroom sometimes but she doesn’t know how to talk with strangers; she decided to break the wall and have a window at her flat, so that the sun and light can come into her room. Until one day, she saw her Wally from her window, he dresses a red/white long sleeve shirt, wearing a glass, walking with a dog, she rushed out of her room immediately, broke her mannequin, took the elevator, come up to him, smiling, and at that moment, within a second, they know they found their wally in the crowd.

Just like Mariana and Martin, we all looking for our Wally. Sometimes we thought we found her/him, but we were wrong, and then we put ourselves out there again, then get hurt, then again and again. Until one day we found Wally, and realized all those miss or lost was not a miss or lost, but a path for the way to that special person.

When Mariana broke the wall and let the light come into her life, it is a change for her, a change for a heart that is now willing to accept, to try and find, if not, she wouldn’t see her Wally from this particular window.

What I like about ‘Medianeras’ is unlike most love films, it is sad, lonely, even a bit depressed, it is not like ‘Titanic’ kind of life and death romance, not like ‘Before sunrise’ kind of dramatic romance, it is about finding and choosing. Finding a person and choosing to fall in love.

There is song in this film keeps playing in the background:

”True love will find you in the end”

But we need to look for it also.


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