One thing I learned from people that I liked

Every time when I feel a relationship is going to break apart, when someone I like is fading away from my life, it feels like I am trapped in a box, cannot breathe, cannot run away and cannot see anything.

At high school, I met the first boy I truly liked, he was the cutest boy I ever known, with the warmest smile I ever seen. I spent four years liking him, but I was too shy to express my feeling to him; Then I met another boy at my early 20s, for a long time, I thought he was my soul mate, I learned to express my feeling to him, he inspired me to be a better person, but I was so insecure, I was worried all the time that he would walk away from my life some day; In the mid of my 20s, I had a crush on another boy for two years, I know how to express my thoughts and feelings, I was no longer insecure and I learned to be patient, but I realized there won’t be all boys that having the same connection with you; So soon, I am at my late 20s, I met a boy who I could talk with, there was no insecurity, there was connection, but there was another thing I never face- arguments and hurts, constantly.

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Guys, being nice to you doesn’t mean I am going to bite you

Recently I notice a guy who I have been in a rapport with suddenly become distant on me. He is a nice person, we talked a lot when we met and we also trusted each other at some point. He has a girlfriend and on the other hand, I have no romantic interest in him. I appreciate him as a decent guy, so when we have contacts, I always respond as soon as I could, when he asked me for help, I tried my best to help. I also sent him birthday card and sent him sweet words once in a while.

While I am sure I didn’t overdo anything, he starts to be distant, not reply my email or be aggressive with his reply. However, he is being very active and nice to another woman who is married, as if she won’t have second thought on him.

And I notice he is not the only guy acts like that.

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Not replying message is NOT okay…(unless u are batman)

Since when we justified ourselves when we ignore a message?

For the record I am someone who always reply messages and reply as soon as I read it. Not because I am super available and holding my cell phone or checking my laptop every ten minutes. But it is something happens so naturally I don’t even have a reason not to answer.

Some people would say: Because I am busy, for gods sake.

Well, really? Busy? Funny thing is, when you go out with someone who claims themselves busy are the one who keeps checking on their phone the most. And when someone said they are busy, they just saying ”you are not even worthy ten seconds of mine to give you a reply with a smiley face. ”

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